About Us

At The Australian Legal Practice, our Sydney lawyers are well-resourced to defend your rights. We are big enough to offer a wide range of legal services, but small enough to care for our local community.

We are always modifying our practices and principals to operate the most effective and efficient way for our client’s needs. In order to properly defend our clients rights, our lawyers operate under the practices motto.



We pride ourselves with the confidence that our lawyers have when they deal with any legal matters that they are faced with. It is imperative that your lawyer is confident when dealing with your legal matter so that you can reach the best solution for your needs.


At The Australian Legal Practice, our lawyers are committed to providing you with the most cost effective solid advice. In saying this, our lawyers will always be committed to getting the results that you desire as our clients are the back bone of our firm.



At The Australian Legal Practice, you can always trust that our lawyers are competent in dealing with your legal matter whether it is simple or complex. It is of high priority to our lawyers to work around the clock until you have achieved the best results possible.