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    What to do when charged with drink-driving

    Drink-driving is a serious offence as you risk injury to yourself and others in the community. 

    Our drink driving lawyers understand that being charged with drink driving also has broad ramifications that can impact your employment, family and social life.  

    There are three potential consequences when charged with drink driving:

    1. You may be fined
    2. You may be disqualified from driving
    3. Potential jail sentence

    Seeking advice from a drink driving solicitor will allow you to understand your options and the prospects of success when taking your drink driving charges to Court.  

    Punishments for drink-driving (PCA)

    Punishments for drink driving depend on the level of alcohol found in your system, this is referred to as Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol (PCA). 

    Drink driving includes low range, mid-range and high range concentrations of alcohol.

    The Court takes into account two concerns when determining your punishment:

    1. The prescribed concentration of alcohol in your system,
    2. and whether or not it is your first offence.

    The answer to these concerns will determine the severity of the punishment. 

    Low-range drink driving holds the following maximum punishments:

    • First offence;
      • $2,200 fine
      • 6 months disqualification
    • Second or subsequent offence;
      • $3,300 fine
      • Unlimited disqualification at the Court’s discretion

    Mid-range drink driving holds the following maximum punishments:

    • First offence;
      • $2,200 fine
      • 9 months imprisonment
    • Second or subsequent offence;
      • $3,300 fine
      • 12 months imprisonment

    High-range drink driving holds the following maximum punishments:

    • First offence;
      • $3,300 fine
      • 18 months imprisonment
    • Second or subsequent offence;
      • $5,500 fine
      • 2-year imprisonment


    For drink-driving offences, you may also face automatic disqualification or suspension from driving. In some cases, the Court may also require you to fit an interlock device into your vehicle.

    If you have been charged with drink-driving, legal representation will ensure you have the best chance at a defence.

    Our drink driving solicitors have an excellent track record of successful outcomes in drink driving matters.  Their years of experience mean our drink driving lawyers have the knowledge needed to defend your drink driving case. 

    If your drink driving matter is going to court, look no further than the drinking driving solicitors at the Australian Legal Practice to defend your charges.

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