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“We are committed to providing our clients with the most realistic and professional advice in dealing with their legal matters. Our Firm is dedicated in providing our clients with the best results so that our clients are happy with the legal services we provide. We take pride in the legal services that we provide because we know how important these matters are to them”.

Peter Tannous is the principal solicitor at The Australian Legal Practice. Peter has previously serviced major clients and corporations and achieved successful results. Peter has a track record in providing professional advice to client as he knows that the client’s needs are paramount to the legal practice.

Peter has dealt with major cases in the Supreme Court of NSW and the Federal Courts in NSW among other small courts, Peter now strives to expand his knowledge within other legal jurisdictions in Australia.

Peter Practices in a commercial litigation, criminal law, property law, debt recovery and insolvency/bankruptcy, wills and estates. Peter tackles legal matters head on with Confidence, Commitment and Competence

Peter Tannous has undertaken the Evidence and Ethics exams within the NSW bar association and has achieved outstanding results. Peter prides himself with his advocacy driven attitude and conducts most of his court matters with no assistance from counsel.

However, outside work Peter enjoys the usual catch up coffee and enjoys being part of a chess competition with previously being awarded the Chess Master in NSW.



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