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    Drug Driving Lawyers

    Driving with any prohibited substance in your system is illegal in NSW. Police have the power to conduct roadside testing, usually a saliva swab, to detect any trace of prohibited drugs. 

    If you are caught drug driving, you will be charged and have to go to Court. 

    Once charged with drug driving, it is essential to seek legal advice from a skilled drug driving lawyer to ensure you have the best defence at your disposal.  

    Our lawyers will ask questions about the circumstances surrounding your drug driving offence and keep you informed about your options and potential petalites. 

    What are the punishments for drug driving?

    The severity of your punishment for drug driving depends on whether this is your first drug driving offence or whether you have previous charges for this offence. 

    For charges relating to a finding of cannabis, speed/ice, MDMA /ecstasy, or cocaine in your system, the following maximum punishments apply:

    • First offence;
      • $2,200 Court fine
      • 6 months disqualification
    • Second or subsequent offence;
      • $3,300 Court fine
      • Unlimited disqualification at the Court’s discretion


    The same punishments apply for a finding of morphine in your blood or urine unless you can establish that the presence of the drug is there due to medicinal purposes. 

     The Court process can be intimidating, and drug driving is a strict liability offence. Securing an experienced drug driving lawyer, like those at The Australian Legal Practice, can significantly impact the outcome of your case. We deal with traffic matters on a daily basis and are confident in defending your charges. 

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