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    Bankruptcy and Insolvency Lawyer

    The Australian Legal Practice delivers quality legal services in debt recovery, bankruptcy and insolvency law. Our team provides sound and practical advice on potential remedies, costs and risks involved in protecting your legal rights.

    Debt Recovery

    Our team of debt recovery lawyers have serviced major corporations, insurers, company liquidators, bankruptcy trustees and private litigants. We have commenced and defended numerous matters in the Local, District Supreme and Federal Courts. These include numerous bankruptcy and company liquidation actions – from relatively simple debt recovery matters through to complex money claims.

    We can assist you with matters arising from:

    • Building disputes
    • Taxation liabilities
    • Insurance premium disputes
    • Consumer law claims
    • Money-lending transactions
    • Claims for work done
    • Damages claims and much more!


    Bankruptcy and Insolvency

    Our expert insolvency lawyers have advised company directors, creditors, debtors and various organisations in relation to corporate and personal insolvency. We also advise individuals regarding their own personal bankruptcy matters. We have acted for a number of company liquidators and bankruptcy trustees in the recovery of property and various other bankruptcy matters.

    Our services include:

    • Commencing defended hearings
    • Drafting and enforcing mortgages, guarantees, fixed and floating charges
    • Enforcing judgments (writs, garnishees, examinations, instalments orders)
    • Court orders to preserve assets/Mareva Injunctions
    • Trade Practices and Fair Trading Act claims
    • Negotiated settlements/mediations


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