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    Criminal Lawyers in Burwood, Paramatta and Sydney

    At The Australian Legal Practice, our qualified criminal lawyers are available throughout Burwood, Paramatta and Sydney suburbs. We use our qualifications and years of experience to provide advice and representation in relation to criminal law matters. Those law matters range from minor driving offences to serious and complex criminal offences.

    Our team of criminal solicitors in Burwood, Paramatta and Sydney have the experience and expertise to represent clients in the Local, District, Supreme or High Court of Australia.

    Our Burwood, Paramatta and Sydney criminal lawyers are experts in all types of traffic matters. We are committed to ensuring that our clients receive the best possible outcome that your matter deserves. Our lawyers are no strangers to the courtroom and can represent you in many high-profile criminal cases.

    Whether you are in Burwood, Paramatta and Sydney, our dedicated criminal lawyers are always available to represent you at a bail application. We understand the importance of applying for bail and believe our clients should be allowed the liberty to continue with their life until their matter is finalised in court.

    That said, a person is generally held in jail pending the determination of bail by a court. However, there are many circumstances where the courts may grant someone bail. Our Burwood, Paramatta and Sydney criminal law specialists can help you when:

    • There is a presumption in favour of bail;
    • The presumption is neutral;
    • We can convince the court that the accused will obey any bail court-imposed bail conditions.

    In addition, there are different factors in determining bail. Those factors include:

    • Whether the person will appear in court in relation to the offence, including any previous failures to attend court;
    • The person’s background and community ties;
    • The nature and seriousness of the offence; and
    • The time that the person may be required to spend in custody upon bail refusal

    As Australian criminal law specialists, we understand that although you may be convicted of an offence or have entered a guilty plea, you still might need our help.

    We are committed to ensuring that you receive the best sentence possible. That sentence might look like the following:

    • Dismissal and conditional discharge under Section 10;
    • Section 10A conviction with no other penalty;
    • Fine;
    • Section 9 Good Behaviour Bond;
    • Community Service Order;
    • Suspended Sentence.



    At The Australian Legal Practice, our team of Burwood, Paramatta and Sydney criminal solicitors are highly experienced and qualified. Offering only realistic and professional advice and legal solutions, we are committed to delivering the results that matter.

    There are several benefits to enlisting the support of our criminal lawyers in Sydney. Some of them are:

    We understand the complexities of the legal system

    When it comes to representation in court, you want someone who will be on your side. Our experts understand the ins and outs of the legal system and can ensure you receive the fair go you deserve.

    We can work on your case when you can’t

    Diving into cases is what we do, and we’re committed to working on our clients’ cases when they can’t. Whether you’re out on bail and working at your job or awaiting trial in a remand centre, our specialists dedicate the time you don’t have.

    We have access to resources that can help your case

    Whether you need a private investigator, access to case law, or the opinion of a forensic expert, we can help find the resources your case needs.

    We understand courts and can help build a solid case to work in your favour

    We understand how the court system operates, and fighting cases is what we are good at. We use our legal know-how to build and present cases that work in our clients’ favour.

    We can use our legal knowledge to negotiate on your behalf

    We negotiate with prosecutors on your behalf. Doing so means you can have a better chance of receiving a more desired outcome for your case. Our professional negotiations can be the difference between having to serve time in jail and returning home to your loved ones.

    In addition, we offer a fixed price on almost all of our criminal and traffic law matters. So, if you’re seeking an experienced criminal solicitor in Burwood, Parramatta and Sydney CBD, contact The Australian Legal Practice for a free consultation today!


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