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    Need a commercial lease lawyer?

    Commercial and retail lease lawyers

    Our solicitors at The Australian Legal Practice can assist with all your commercial and retail leasing needs.

    We are experienced in acting for both lessors and lessees, respectively.

    Our leasing lawyers know that the most critical lease provisions will vary from client to client and, as such, obtain instructions to ensure we negotiate the lease terms most suited to you.

    Where lessees are involved, our solicitors take time to understand the type of business you wish to operate on the leased premises and ensure that specific clauses are included to enable your business to function without unnecessary hindrance.

    We consider:

    • Access rights such as loading zones, storage, and common areas of the building
    • Restricted and permittable uses
    • Rates and taxes
    • Entitlements when it comes to adding and removing fixtures
    • Rent and rent review
    • Termination of the lease


    Our experienced team can:

    • Draft your lease
    • Submit draft leases
    • Negotiate with the other party


    If you would like tailored advice and an effective lease, contact our office on (02) 8084 9929. Acquire your estate package today, call us on (02) 8084 9929.


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