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How do you get divorce in Australia?

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How do you get divorce in Australia?

Filing for divorce in Australia is an efficient process, as you can fill out the application for divorce online.

There are a few things to consider when filing for divorce in Australia. These include:

  • The length of your marriage – if you’ve been married less than 24 months, you will be required to provide a counselling certificate.
  • The location of the marriage – if you and your spouse were married overseas, you can only file for divorce in Australia if either you or your spouse:
    1. plan to continue to live in Australia indefinitely
    2. are an Australian citizen or;
    3. usually reside in Australia and have done so for the last year before filing for divorce.
  • Additionally, you will need a copy of your marriage certificate in English.
  • You must be separated for 12 months before filing for divorce. If you have shared the same household with your spouse during this period, you will need to prove to the Court that you were indeed separated.

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