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What is a police pursuit?

You may be charged with a police pursuit offence if, as under section 51B of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) you:

  1. knew or suspected that police officers were in pursuit of your vehicle and that you were required to stop the vehicle, and
  2. did not stop the vehicle, and
  3. drove your vehicle recklessly or at a speed or in a manner dangerous to others

The maximum penalty for a first-time offence is 3 years imprisonment. If it is your second or subsequent offence the penalty increaser to 5 years imprisonment. 

What are defences to a charge of police pursuit?

On a case-by-case basis, our criminal lawyers at the Australia Legal Practice may be able to defend a charge of police pursuit if:

For example,

  • Self-defence – Your actions were in the protection of yourself or another (including property), resulting in self-defence.
  • Duress – The threats of another party forced you to act in a certain way, equating to duress.
  • Necessity – It can be proved your actions were in necessity to prevent an ensuing greater harm.
Options when charged with police pursuit

Subject to your circumstances, you may choose either to:

  1. Plead guilty – Admit to committing the offence and breaking the law
  2. Plead not guilty – Deny committing the offence and breaking the law


If you decide to plead not guilty, our experienced criminal lawyers will vehemently protect your rights so that you get the best possible defence.  

The best way to get off a charge of police pursuit is to contact our experienced criminal lawyers. Our solicitors at the Australian Legal Practice have extensive experience and specialise in criminal charges. We provide tailored advice and are armed with the right knowledge to fight your case.

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