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Can you go to jail for fraud in Australia?

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Can you go to jail for fraud in Australia?

Yes, you can go to jail for fraud in Australia.

Under s192E of the Crimes Act (1900) NSW, the maximum jail time for fraud is ten years.

The severity of the punishment for fraud offences often depends on the level of dishonesty and deception used to obtain the benefit.

Depending on your matter, our solicitors can assist you in putting forward the best possible case to avoid jail time.

Where suitable, our team will work to give you the best chance at obtaining one of the other sentencing options available.

For example:

  1. A s10 dismissal
  2. Conditional release order (CRO)
  3. A Fine, or
  4. Intensive Correction order

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An experienced lawyer can make all the difference when you have been charged with fraud.

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