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Our lawyers at The Australian Legal Practice are skilled in all your bail application needs. If you or someone you know need to apply for bail, contact us immediately on (02) 8084 9929.

What is bail?

Bail is your conditional release after you have been charged with an offence. Many factors impact whether you are eligible for bail and the conditions you must comply with if successful.

How do you get bail?

Our Hornsby bail lawyers deeply understand the amended Bail Act 2013, as commenced in 2015.

We have:

  • Knowledge of show cause offences

We can:

  • Identify bail concerns and understand conditions might be imposed to address those concerns
  • Identify whether unacceptable risk will impact your chances of bail being granted
What are show cause offences?

Section 16B of the Bail Act 2013 (NSW) defines show cause offences. If charged with a show cause offence, it is usually more difficult to be granted bail. In such circumstances, you must demonstrate to the court why it is not justified to refuse your bail application. 

The offences are listed in the legislation as follows:

s 16B(1)(a)-(k)

  • Carries life imprisonment 
  • Certain serious personal violence offences 
  • Serious indictable offences re certain sexual offences 
  • Certain firearms and weapons offences 
  • Certain NSW commercial quantity drug offences 
  • Certain Commonwealth commercial quantity drug offences 
  • Serious indictable offences committed on bail, parole, supervision 
  • Serious indictable offences of attempt, aid, abet, assist, conspire to commit offence in s 16B
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