Areas of LAW


At The Australian Legal Practice we enjoy delivering quality legal services to individuals and major corporate organisations. Our lawyers are experienced and have established a solid reputation as Committed, Confident and Competent litigators.

We are able to undertake proceedings in all Courts and jurisdictions, representing both plaintiffs and defendants, as well as offering assistance with negotiation, mediation and alternative dispute resolution, and representation in enquiries such as inquests or ICAC enquiries.

Our lawyers efficiently identify the key issues, research the case, draft the relevant documents and locate experts that are necessary to achieve positive results for your matter.

Over the years our lawyers have developed a strong network of contacts, including barristers, forensic accountants and professionals in many fields to provide both expert testimony and the analysis required to identify lines of enquiry to support your case.

We understand that litigation may at times be costly and burdensome. So our lawyers try to minimise the risks and attempt to relieve clients from taking this course of action. It is absolutely important to our Practice that you are happy with our results and we are not here just for a quick dollar.

Our litigation services include:

  • Motor Vehicle Accident claims
  • Criminal Defence work
  • Disputed Estates and Contested Wills
  • Family law
  • Property Disputes
  • Debt Recovery, Insolvency and Bankruptcy
  • Guarantees, charges and mortgages
  • Building law matters
  • Unfair contracts, undue influence, fraud, unconscionable conduct
  • Dissolution of partnership proceedings.